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With over thirty years of commitment, knowledge, and excellence, Aqueous Infrastructure Management is the country’s leading provider of in-depth inspection, potable water infrastructure products, and services and infrastructure management software.

Aqueous Infrastructure Management originally began as a water quality firm based out of Massachusetts specializing in in-depth water testing, desktop studies, and implementation of treatment-related products.

Aqueous became the first ever in-service potable water inspection firm in the United States

Today, we offer an array of infrastructure solutions, providing A-Z services and products for your public water system and are committed to safe and healthy drinking water. From inspections, tanks and structure cleaning, repairs and renovations, to complete asset management for potable water infrastructure. Aqueous also provides several types of tank and structure cleaning services from traditional structure washouts and in-service sediment removal, to NSF approved chemical wash and removal of dangerous biofilms.

Sediment Removal

Completed at the time of inspection, sediment removal ensures your structure is in compliance with AWWA standards. Sedimentation is removed with a vacuum system to remove organics and inorganics that can contribute to bacteria problems, turbidity and poor overall water quality.

Washout Cleaning

Washout cleaning is performed on a fully drained structure and is typically completed when an inservice inspection identifies unsanitary interior surfaces and biofilm. This should be completed every 5-10 years of a structure’s life. A standard washout is done with pressure washers and disinfected according to AWWA Standard C652.

Enhanced Chemical Cleaning

An enhanced cleaning process that uses Pantonite PM88, NSF60 approved chemical wash to remove dangerous biofilms in water storage tanks. Biofilms can contribute to bacteria growth, reduce chlorine residuals, and promote disinfection byproducts such as THM’s. Routine and effective water tank cleaning helps reduce the risk of water quality impairment while in storage.

Filter and Clarifier Cleaning

Pantonite PM88, NSF60 can also be used for cleaning filter and clarifier media to remove in-organics and harmful biofilms to help extend media life and improve media effectiveness. The Pantonite chemical is also used for cleaning steel or concrete filter and clarifier structures to remove biofilm growth and in-organic staining that may impact water quality.

Pantonite pm88

for superior drinking water

Aqueous has teamed up with Panton McLeod as a preferred provider of their Pantonite PM88 NSF60 approved chemical wash services. We provide sales and full service for Pantonite PM88.

Many of our services are performed while structures remain online, we believe that tanks and other structures should be routinely taken off-line and chemical washed routinely every ten years (approximately) to remove biofilm and staining from wall surfaces. We identify these issues during our in-service inspections. 

Aqueous provides experience and attention to detail that’s second to none when it comes to rigging, accessing, and completing services in your tanks. We’re the most qualified professionals to perform these types of services and are proud to offer Pantonite PM88 for superior drinking water. 

Drinking water often contains concentrations of Iron and Manganese that can quickly go from becoming harmless ions in a solution to the building blocks for bacteria to make a home. When drinking water is contaminated with these bacteria, it can form hard black and brown encrustation on surfaces within tanks, towers, filters, well screens, and pipelines and if left to build, these encrustations can affect the taste and residual chlorine levels within the system. 

PM88 Surface Applied Tank and Tower Cleaner is NSF-Certified for Drinking Water and disinfects without chlorine or peroxide.

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