Inspection & Compliance

Infrastructure and Water Tank Inspection, Maintenance, and Compliance

Infrastructure and water tank inspection is a vital task that needs to be regularly performed on raw, partially-treated, and finished water infrastructure per the US EPA, AWWA and State DEP’s to ensure compliance and sustainability of our water systems.

The categories in which we break this down are: Sanitary, Safety, Security, Structure, Coatings.

At Aqueous, we prioritize ensuring all regulatory requirements are met in our thorough inspection process completed with custom field work orders designed to gather 10,000-15,000 metadata points by use of non-destructive testing, physical measurements, and certified visual observation.

We inspect infrastructure throughout the entire water process including raw, partially-treated, and finished water infrastructure. Inspections are done in-service which allow continuous, uninterrupted operation of water systems without downtime. Certified tank/structure divers allow the most in-depth inspection and testing to be performed for future asset management and capital planning needs. We also offer ROV and dry inspections.

We focus on prevention and provide you with solutions

We’re committed to helping ensure healthy water quality in your distribution systems and to lengthen the life and sustainability of your water tanks and infrastructure assets. We focus on prevention and provide you with solutions to problems long before they develop into major and costly issues. Having a proactive approach and identifying and correcting deficiencies prior to complete failure will guarantee the lowest life cycle cost of a structure.


Our State-of-the-Art Technology Ensures Accuracy and Sustainability

Our thorough water tank inspection process checks for sanitary, security, safety, structural, coating, and threats to your water tanks, reservoirs, clearwells, intakes, and more! We perform annual inspections and compliance checks and alert you to any issues for remediation and repair.

Through our state-of-the-art technology, we’re able to provide our customers with thousands of data points that accurately reflect the health of their individual water structures and tanks.

This data utilizes our patented data engines and cross references this information against EPA and AWWA guidelines to provide you with completely automated, prioritized sustainability goals, and the services and products required to reach those goals. Our business intelligence-powered custom client interface will communicate with you in a hands-off way as you perform services and regain the sustainability of your structure(s). This service is provided to you as part of any service completed with Aqueous.

This is the first-ever technology that assists in solving the transition between department superintendents, capable of housing all historical and current records as well as providing your future roadmap for capital planning and budgeting.

water tank inspection services

Dive/Wet Inspections

Dive inspections done in-service allow the interior structure to be thoroughly examined and data to be gathered. We perform the highest level of testing with potable water divers. Our state-of-the-art tech takes this data and provides you with a final inspection report with recommendations based on compliance codes set by the US EPA, OSHA, and AWWA standards. This method allows for accumulated sediment to be vacuumed from the structure floor at the time of inspection.

Dry Inspections

We perform complete, dry inspections while structures are emptied for structures that are being serviced or removed. This is a great option for hydropneumatic tanks which cannot be inspected in service, or while other renovation services are being performed that require the structure to be empty.

Aerial drone Inspections

Our Aerial Drone inspections provide you with a bird’s eye view of the tank rooftop and surrounding areas that cannot be observed with traditional inspections. We provide video and photos of your structure and our drone inspections are completed by certified drone pilots.


Our ROV inspections satisfy compliance standards and provide access to confined spaces and places deemed unsafe for diver entry. The use of ROV can provide you with a better understanding of how your infrastructure meets compliance standards. Upon completion of an ROV inspection, we provide you with reports, video, and photos, with recommendations for next steps.

Annual Sanitary & Security Inspections

These inspections are state required and involve climbing a structure to ensure all hatches are closed and locked. We check all screens on vents and the security of all overflows. This inspection confirms there are no rooftop penetrations and no unwanted access to the tank occurs.

We inspect all infrastructure throughout the water process including raw, partially-treated, and finished water infrastructure

Ground Storage Tanks | Reservoirs | Pedestal Tanks | Hydrosphere Tanks | Hydropneumatic Tanks | Standpipes | Hydropillar Tanks | Elevated Tanks | Fire Protection Tanks | Backwash Tanks | Raw Water/Reclaimed Tanks | Clearwells | Chlorine/Ozone Contact Chambers | Intakes Wet Wells | Gatehouses | Subaqueous Pipelines | Outfall Pipes | and More!

other water tank services

  • Exterior high pressure-washing
  • Mildew inhibitor application
  • Pantonite NSF60 chemical wash
  • Interior high-pressure washing and washouts
  • Sandblasting, resurfacing, and recoating
  • Concrete repairs
  • Tank component welding
  • AWWA compliant vent replacements
  • Manway replacements
  • Interior/exterior ladder replacements
  • Hatch installations
  • Safety railing installations
  • Fall arrest system installations
  • Overflow pipe modification
  • Active mixer sales and installation


Our Automated Asset Management Technology is the all-in-one solution for compliance tank inspections, management, and water tank maintenance

Our automated asset management technology is the first of its kind and offers state-of-the-art innovation for your asset management. Our software provides nearly 15,000 data points to compile a single automated tank inspection report, customized for each water tank. Reports can be viewed with free, unlimited access to our platform where you will find data, asset attributes, live mapping of structures, historical records, engineering documents, and more… This convenient portal allows you to view in real time what action to take when, as well as estimated costs for the recommended upgrades and repairs.

We strive to exceed your expectations with excellent communication, easy-to-navigate technological tools, and full transparency for all inspections, repairs, and upgrades. At Aqueous, we help you to make the decisions that matter most for your infrastructure assets with a customized infrastructure maintenance plan based on the facts and data following your water tank inspection.

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